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From the moment I received my first SLR camera some twenty years ago - a 21st birthday present - it was love at first touch. To me it was, and is, an instrument of creation and inspiration, and it transformed the way in which I viewed the world. Born and raised in the midst of the natural beauty of New Zealand, I have since had the good fortune to travel extensively and to experience the wonder and beauty of varied countries and cultures.
Along the way I've discovered that a photograph is much more than a moment, an image, or an emotion. Not only can it serve to capture the true essence of a person or place, it can embody their heart and soul. When this is accomplished the photograph takes on a life of its own and triggers a deep emotional response in the viewer. As a professional photographer and an artist, it is this goal that I seek to accomplish. Each time I raise my lens I strive to capture the heart and soul of my subject.
I'm blessed to call Bend in Central Oregon my home, an area with an abundance of natural beauty and a plethora of wonderful activities. Every day I wake up grateful for where I live, what I have, and who I am. My passion for photography could not have evolved without my husband and two young children. Over the years they have offered me endless enriched moments to capture, moments that perfectly illustrate that a photograph can be so much more than just an image.
My passion in life is to search out these "soul moments" through the lens of my camera. I invite you to join me on this ever evolving and exciting journey, one that will undoubtedly provide intimate and remarkable memories captured forever for your lasting enjoyment.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Who was that MASKED MAN at the Cyclocross Nationals in Bend Oregon ?

WOW,, what a week in Bend Oregon. Our beautiful town was flooded with athletes of all ages from around the country for the  2010 Cyclocross Nationals. The athletes came to put themselves to a rather muddy test.
Today certainly had the biggest crowd support, the weather was perfect and the atmosphere contagious. Not only did the competitors make you smile but so did a single man who was leaping around the course with style. The only thing lacking may have been a cape!
I was standing in the right spot when a green bean - I think? decided to unmask the masked man. He was successful and so was I in capturing this hilarious moment.
SO here he is.., a cyclist for sure( shaved legs), most likely a Bendite and it looks like he is called SALTY..
Thanks Salty for your creative entertainment and support. I am sure you made many peddle faster.

Stay tune for my highlights from the week..