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From the moment I received my first SLR camera some twenty years ago - a 21st birthday present - it was love at first touch. To me it was, and is, an instrument of creation and inspiration, and it transformed the way in which I viewed the world. Born and raised in the midst of the natural beauty of New Zealand, I have since had the good fortune to travel extensively and to experience the wonder and beauty of varied countries and cultures.
Along the way I've discovered that a photograph is much more than a moment, an image, or an emotion. Not only can it serve to capture the true essence of a person or place, it can embody their heart and soul. When this is accomplished the photograph takes on a life of its own and triggers a deep emotional response in the viewer. As a professional photographer and an artist, it is this goal that I seek to accomplish. Each time I raise my lens I strive to capture the heart and soul of my subject.
I'm blessed to call Bend in Central Oregon my home, an area with an abundance of natural beauty and a plethora of wonderful activities. Every day I wake up grateful for where I live, what I have, and who I am. My passion for photography could not have evolved without my husband and two young children. Over the years they have offered me endless enriched moments to capture, moments that perfectly illustrate that a photograph can be so much more than just an image.
My passion in life is to search out these "soul moments" through the lens of my camera. I invite you to join me on this ever evolving and exciting journey, one that will undoubtedly provide intimate and remarkable memories captured forever for your lasting enjoyment.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Bend Family Fall Photo Session.

Last week I had the pleasure of capturing the 'Anderson Family' from Bend. 
The sun dipped behind the clouds and mountains as I focused on the kids while Mom and Dad sipped on some New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc. We continued on, venturing amongst the fall colors in Shevlin Park and ended up at sunset overlooking the park with the mountain vista in the background.

It is always special photographing a happy family as the results are always so satisfying.
I think the Anderson family will be happy too!

Monday, October 11, 2010

The "Journey of Action" Bus paid a visit to Bend, Oregon.

I am happy to be able to blog about a young couple who are siblings, called Kassidy and Ryan Brown. Along with their film crew - Donovan and Nick, they are on a journey of a life time, heading from Alaska to Argentina on a very cool bus!

This is what they have to say about their journey they recently begun:

 We believe our generation, Generation Y, is aware of the social and environmental challenges we face as a nation and as a world, but  they lack tools for action. Fortunately,  there are a lot people making change a reality, from social entrepreneurs to non-profit organizations and educational systems, but they receive little or no media attention.
We are driving from Alaska to Argentina to volunteer with and showcase these amazing active citizens. It’s a six month expedition that will take us into 14 different countries, covering over 15,000 miles.
Two filmmakers, Donovan Green and Nick Kova, are documenting the journey. We are blogging and uploading our photography daily, and most importantly we are producing weekly webisodes.
We are addressing a number of issues- the environment, education, human and civil rights, the global economy, poverty, global health, politics and others for the purpose of attracting and bringing together as many people as possible into this movement of action.
US Cities: Juneau, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Navajo Nation, Denver, San Antonio, Little Rock, and New Orleans.

To learn more about their journey or to follow along with them please go to:
or their facebook page:

They recently spent the weekend in Bend and presented an award at the Bend Film Awards Ceremony. Today I had the pleasure of capturing this refreshing couple, their crew and their vibrant bus. Of course they now have a 'I LOVE BEND OR' sticker on their bus bumper. They did say they love Bend!

I wish them well on their adventures....

Sunday, October 10, 2010

A trip to the FUNNY FARM...

It took us 10 years to finally pay a visit to the local Funny Farm  just 5 miles from my town, Bend Oregon. 
Established in 1977, this property is a one of a kind road side attraction. 
You can stroll the Yellow Brick Road with music playing, walk through a garden where bowling balls grow and chickens and goats roam around a heart-shaped Love Pond. Inside the red barn there is junk and antiques to shop for or you can rent one of the hundreds of costumes. The highlight for my kids and I was exploring the overgrown garden. The photos below will give you a feel of our experience. 
The cat you will see was born without full front legs so she would happily sit like a rabbit. To top it off we got chased by a real snake  - a long narrow colorful looking creature. He was too quick for me to capture - with my camera I mean.


Thursday, October 7, 2010

An evening with Madelyn... in Tumalo, Bend Oregon

Last week I had a fun evening with a very sweet high school senior called Madelyn.  
The session was dominated with a vintage flare and the only thing that stopped it from ending was the sun going down.
The sunsets are happening so early now, a sign that winter is around the corner and my time out doors shooting will have to become more creative. I am envisioning some very unique winter senior portraits!
Thanks Madelyn for being 'you' and Megan for helping with the reflector.  I can't wait to capture you next year Megan and have Madelyn hold the reflector!

Sit back and enjoy the show!

Monday, October 4, 2010

An evening photo session with the Jenson Family in the Old Mill, Bend, Oregon.

Last week I met up with the lovely Jenson family for a photo session.
A favorite location of mine is on the banks of the Deschutes River in the Old Mill. Often you will see the old mill chimney stacks in the background of my photos. The stacks are just some of the old mill's remains which once fueled the little logging town, Bend Oregon.
During the photo sessions we got busy, from throwing stones to hitting golf balls. The cute brothers Alex and William were stars and I know afterwards ended up going for ice cream with their Mom and Dad!

Thanks Jenson family for being such a happy family.